Machinery International Corporation to Sell Copper Tube Plant in Tunisia

Copper Tube Plant in Tunisia

Machinery International Corp?|?April 17, 2015
Machinery International Corporation (USA) has been selected to sell the plant and machinery of the Profil Desnoyer Copper Tube Plant in Tunis, Tunisia. This will be the 15th copper tube plant to be liquidated by Machinery International in the last 30 Years.

Copper Tube Plant in Tunisia

Profil Desnoyer is a full service copper tube manufacturer producing both water tube for the plumbing industry and air conditioning and refrigeration (ACR) tubing. The machines will be sold on an individual basis and include an extrusion press, drawbenches, vertical spinner blocks, horizontal drawblocks, six Schumag combined draw, straighten and cutoff machines, annealing furnaces and pointers.

The Finishing Department includes an automatic tube bundler, shot blaster and truck scale. In addition the sale will include a complete Copper Tube Fittings Department for the manufacture of copper tees and elbows. There are also approximately 6000 carbide dies and plugs to be sold ranging from 4mm to 50mm.

For information or to visit the plant contact:
John Conroy
Machinery International Corporation
20 Commerce Drive
North Branford, Ct. USA 06471
Email: [email protected]
Tel: (+1) 203-484-0400
Fax: (+1) 203-484-4499

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