Bending and Forming Machine Tool Manufacturer Reviews

bending machine in action

forming machine processBending and forming machine tools are used to bend tubes, solids and profiles. The machines can also cut and form metal into a variety of different products.

BLM Group

BLM group provides a full range of machining solutions used in tube processing technology.? BLM group is headquartered in Italy and is comprised of BLM SpA, ADIGE SpA and ADIGE-SYS SpA.? BLM SpA is the parent company and specializes in the manufacturing of CNC-bending machines, end-forming machines, automation and handling systems, and measurement systems.

ADIGE SpA manufactures laser cutting machines and cold saws used in the machining of tubes, solids and profiles, de-burring machines, measurement systems, washing machines and collectors.

ADIGE-SYS SpA specializes in the manufacturing of combined laser cutting machines for tubes and sheet metal as well as laser cutting machines for big tubes.? BLM relies on its 50 years of experience in the tube processing industry to develop innovative, customized solutions for their customers.

BLM bending machines are used in the automotive, furniture, agricultural, aerospace and steel industries. All of the bending and forming machines allow processing without any manual adjustments which reduces or eliminates waste and guarantees the first piece and every piece thereafter is correctly and accurately processed to provide maximum repeatability and quality even when applied to complex components and more and more challenging materials like titanium.

Bending machines are available throughout the range including wire-bending machines, tube bending machines, and even curved and cut metal pieces.

Apart from the manufacture and sales of bending and forming machines, BLM also offers a full line of laser tube cutters, CNC cutters and endmachining lines for both tubes and bars, end-forming machines, measurement systems and a no-touch, in-line tube inspection system.


bending machine in actionTaiwan tube manufacturer Soco is one of the largest manufacturers of CNC machining tools for the tube, pipe and solid bar industry. Their product line includes bar cutting, bending, chamfering, deburring and tube end forming and finishing machines. Although headquartered in Taiwan, SOCO has several production facilities around the world and 25 branch offices.

SOCO’s tube bending machines are specially designed for use in the automotive industry to produce manifolds and converter inlet pipes in the exhaust system that require accurately controlled wall thinning ratios to ensure the tubes can withstand the high system pressures.

Herber AB

Herber AB, headquartered in Sweden manufactures advanced hydraulic and electrical machines for cold tube forming. Most of their customers are in the automotive industry where precision and flexibility in the machining tools is an absolute necessity. They manufacture every machine to the customer’s needs and requirements and often provide solutions to complex problems including developing entire systems.

Herber offers a full line of bending and forming machines including hydraulic bending machines which are used by many automotive plants including Volvo bus, Visteon, gate Eurokat and Faurecia.? Herber bending machines are also used quite extensively in the furniture industry.

With a good, strong reputation for quality and precision machines built on a long list of satisfied customers and perfect end products in the marketplace Herber remains a top manufacturer of bending and forming machining tools and fully automated machining systems.

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