Using a Bulldozer

bulldozer in action

bulldozerConsisting of two main parts, a bulldozer is operated by a blade and the machine’s base.? The majority of the bulldozer’s functions are operated by various controls that are located on the base of the machine. Only one of these mechanisms control the bulldozer’s blade.

While a dozer is not overly complicated to operate, you should definitely learn how to use it by someone that is experienced in using this piece of construction equipment. Moreover, it’s the actual machine controls that can seem complicated; driving a bulldozer is rather easy.

Operating a Dozer

Like most riding machines, a dozer must be powered on with a key. Similar to a car, by inserting the key into the ignition and turning, the bulldozer will rev with power. After the machine has been turned on, you’re ready to start driving. At this point, you will need to use the joystick that is generally positioned to the left of the machine in order to control your movement. Even though the joystick is not overly difficult to use, you should definitely know exactly how to use it in order to safely operate the machine.

bulldozer in actionTo successfully use the joystick, you will push it in the exact direction that you would like the dozer to go. While you are driving the large piece of machinery, if you notice that you are going too fast, simply use the decelerator pedal to slow down.

The decelerator pedal will not stop the dozer like the brake pedal. It will only slow the machine down.

Different than the brake pedal, the decelerator pedal is located directly next to the brake.? After you have started moving the machine, it will be time to use the blade. In order to use the bulldozer’s blade, locate the joystick control on the right side of the machine. Similar to the bulldozer’s direction joystick, this mechanism will completely control the movement of the blade.

Uses for This Construction Equipment

Used to level a specific mass of land, you can use the joystick to lower the blade till it is in contact with the ground. Once the blade is touching the ground, use the dozer’s movement joystick to move the machine forward. By doing this, you will allow the bulldozer to pick up the ground while leaving a smooth, flat surface behind it. After you are satisfied with the amount of earth that has been scooped up, simply move the bulldozer to where you would like to place the dirt.

There’s no question that a bulldozer is a very useful piece of construction equipment.? Making the machine even more attractive to use is its usability. As long as you are properly trained on operating a bulldozer, you will quickly realize how beneficial and easy to use the machine is. In fact, a bulldozer can always be quit fun to operate.

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